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Through its opinions, the EBA provides its views on

supervisory and regulatory matters to EU institutions

and national authorities. This includes technical advice

which the EBA provides to the Commission when pre-

paring delegated acts to supplement level 1 EU legis-

lative text (directives and regulations). These delegated

acts provide additional detail on certain legislative as-

pects and ensure that the work of EU policymakers is

informed by expert technical advice.


The EBA publishes a wide range of reports for identifying

and analysing trends in the financial and banking sectors.

These usually look at potential risks and vulnerabilities

stemming from the micro-prudential level and provides an

assessment of them with a perspective that goes across

borders and sectors. For example, impact assessment

studies provide the factual evidence that contributes to

discussions taking place in the context of EBA work and

ultimately ensures that the EBA’s regulatory work is well

grounded in the reality of the EU banking sector.