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Board of Supervisors

The main decision-making body of the EBA is its Board

of Supervisors (BoS), which brings together the banking

supervisors of the 28 EU Member States. They vote on the

outputs and regulatory deliverables prepared by the EBA

experts, working groups and committees, including rec-

ommendations, opinions and decisions in cases of breach

of EU law, investigations and mediation. The Chairperson

of the EBA, representatives of the Commission, the ESRB,

the ECB, EIOPA and ESMA participate as non-votingmem-

bers. Also, representatives of the Single Resolution Board

(SRB) and supervisors from EEA (European Economic

Area) and EFTA (European Free Trade Area) countries are

invited as observers.

The EBA BoS is responsible for all of the policy decisions

of the EBA and is led by the EBA Chairperson, whereas

the EBA Management Board ensures that the authority

carries out its mission and tasks and the EBA Executive

Director manages the operational work.

Working groups and standing


All of the EBA’s deliverables are typically defined and dis-

cussed in technical working groups and standing commit-

tees, composed of technical experts from the EBA’s staff

and EU supervisory and resolution authorities who provide

their input into the EBA’s work. The EBA also cooperates

with many other institutions and bodies at EU, internation-

al and Member State levels. This is often the case when

dealing with cross-sectoral topics, where the EBA is called

on to work jointly with the other ESAs.

Resolution Committee

The Resolution Committee (ResCo) is a permanent inter-

nal committee of the EBA set up according to the require-

ments of the BRRD. It deals with decisions related to the

tasks conferred on resolution authorities as prescribed

in the directive. The ResCo is composed of a Chairper-

son and the heads of resolution authorities from 28 EU

Member States. Its meetings are also attended by ob-

servers from resolution authorities of the EEA and EFTA,

as well as representatives of the Commission, the SRB,

the ESRB, the ECB, ESMA and EIOPA.