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Board of Supervisors’ analysis and assessment
The EBA Board of Supervisors (BoS) takes note of the Annual Activity Report 2014, submitted by
the Authorising Officer in accordance with Article 47(1) of the Financial Regulation applicable to
the EBA.
Analysing and assessing the Annual Activity Report 2014, the BoS has made the following ob-
The report contains a comprehensive account of the activities carried out by the EBA in the
implementation of its mandate and Work Programme during 2014. The EBA has met its obli-
gations under Article 47(1), providing a detailed account of the results achieved in relation to
the objectives set in the Work Programme for 2014, financial and management information.
The BoS acknowledges the challenges the EBA faces in terms of its constrained resources in
the face of a demanding workload and welcomes the EBA efforts to manage this challenging
The BoS notes the EBA’s response to findings from the European Court of Auditors and the
Internal Audit Service.
The BoS notes the Executive Director has no reservations or critical issues to report which
would affect the presentation of the annual accounts for the financial year 2014 to the dis-
charge authority.
London 15
June 2015,
Andrea Enria
Chair of the Board of Supervisors