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2 0 1 4 a n n u a l r e p o r t
tion policies of credit institutions and invest-
ment firms and the use of allowances pub-
lished in October 2014. To this end, the EBA
will collect information and analyse the re-
sponses received, informing the Commission
about the results.
Monitoring options and discretions
According to Article 143 of CRD IV on super-
visory disclosure, competent authorities shall
publish information — among other things
— on their ‘manner of exercise of the options
and discretions available in Union law’. For
that purpose, and pursuant to Article 143(3),
the EBA adopted in 2013 a technical standard
specifying the format, structure, contents list
and annual publication date of the supervi-
sory information to be disclosed. This ITS was
published in the EU Official Journal on 4 June
2014 (
The ITS on supervisory disclosure contains
12 templates on Options and national dis-
cretions: a general one, listing all CRD/CRR
options and national discretions where com-
petent authorities shall indicate if these OND
are applied (Y), not applied (N), not applicable
(NA) or to be confirmed (TBC) ; and 11 specific
templates providing more detailed information
on the application of OND in the field of own
funds (parts 2 to 9), remuneration (part 10)
and credit risk (parts 11 to 12).
In December 2014, the EBA disclosed for the
first time these templates on options and na-
tional discretions in the supervisory disclo-
sure section of its website. (
) According to
Article 143(2) of CRD IV, the purpose of such
disclosure is ‘to enable a meaningful compar-
ison of the approaches adopted by the com-
petent authorities and the different member
states’. With this final objective in mind, the
EBA intends to develop further analysis on the
information collected as regards to the imple-
) ITS on the format, structure, contents list and an-
nual publication date of the supervisory information
to be disclosed by competent authorities:
) Overview on the implementation and transposition
of the CRD IV package:
mentation of options and national discretions
in EU member states in order to develop peer
reviews on selected topics such as own funds,
remuneration or large exposures. Such peer
reviews analysis shall be conducted from an
EU-wide perspective, in parallel with the work
conducted by the SSM on the exercise of CRD/
CRR options and national discretions in its ju-
risdiction. The outcome of EBA analysis shall
support the building up of a Single Rulebook
and reduce the incentives for regulatory arbi-
trage in the EU.
Harmonising regulation
and practices on recovery,
resolution and deposit
guarantee schemes
In 2015, the EBA will finalise a number of
regulatory products which are in the public
consultation stage. The EBA is also focused
on the smooth and consistent implementation
of the BRRD and relevant RTS and guidelines,
as common criteria and effective cooperation
in this area will be essential to revert the frag-
mentation of the Single Market and to allow
NCAs, resolution authorities, the SSM and the
SRM to work on the basis of consistent rules
in all the jurisdictions it covers.
Deposit Guarantee Schemes
The new DGS Directive is an ambitious reform
bringing improved protection for consumers
throughout the internal market. The EBA is
fully committed to promoting its sound and
consistent implementation, in line with the
tasks conferred upon it by the Directive. These
range from conducting peer reviews to exam-
ining the resilience of national schemes, set-
tling disputes between national authorities or
DGSs, and producing non-binding guidelines
to complement the Directive.
In 2015, the EBA will finalise the draft guide-
lines on payment commitments and risk based
contributions to deposit guarantee schemes,
which national authorities and schemes
should comply with by the end of the year.