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the allocation of resources to the core busi-
ness areas, thus supporting the implementa-
tion of its mandate. In particular, the bench-
marking exercise showed that 79.6 % of the
jobs are “operational” (directly focused on the
implementation of the EBA’s mandate), 12.8 %
include administration and coordination jobs,
and 7.6 % are “neutral” jobs (financial man-
agement, accounting, control, auditing jobs).
In addition, the results indicate that for each 4
posts focusing on the direct implementation of
the EBA’s mandate there is only 1 administra-
tive post, which proves effective and efficient
resource management.
Information Technology
In addition to maintaining and supporting pro-
duction systems for data collection and gen-
eral infrastructure, the EBA has implemented
a number of projects in line with the approved
IT strategy.
The EBA’s IT functions and tasks can be clus-
tered into three core domains; the harmoni-
sation of banking supervision of the Single
Market, the execution of banking supervision
of systemic banks in the EU and the admin-
istration of the organisation. The fourth do-
main covers common IT services and provides
a foundation for IT services required for the
three core domains.
To enhance the comparability of regulatory
information and to harmonise the regulatory
standards in the EU, the EBA has implement-
ed two releases of the European Supervisory
Platform extending this financial and common
regulatory framework to COREP 2.0.3 and
FINREP 2.1.1. These versions include signifi-
cant improvements in terms of data-exchange
standards in XBRL taxonomies aligned with
the ITS and security improvements of the ap-
At the end of 2014, the platform of colleges
was insourced to the EBA data centre and de-
ployed on a more flexible architecture. This
will allow the EBA to operate independently
without the support of an external provider.
The platform of colleges will support the se-
cure information sharing and communication
between supervisory colleges, which will pro-
mote the timely, efficient and comprehensive
information exchange within the colleges on
the application landscape of the EBA.
The project Notification and Sanctions aims at
providing the EBA and the competent authori-
ties with a secured information workflow sys-
tem from the NCAs to the EBA which will feed
an EBA information database. The develop-
ment of the real-time application infrastruc-
ture has proven to be stable and performant
in testing. The project is in its testing phase
go-live is planned in March 2015.
In the execution domain, the EBA enhanced,
maintained and operated a technical platform
during the year for gathering supervisory in-
formation. In a pan-European context, the
regulatory reporting data of all systemic Pan-
European Financial Institutions was collected,
which allowed EBA users to analyse the data
on the analytical platform.
In the common IT services domain, the EBA
successfully completed a major IT infrastruc-
ture project that delivered the infrastructure
related to the move of the EBA to the new
premises in Canary Wharf.
The EBA enhances, maintains and operates
the common IT services in accordance with
the applicable IT policies of the EC and inter-
nal service requirements.
Assessment of audit results and the
effectiveness of the internal control
systems (ICS)
Compliance and effectiveness of ICS
In 2014, the EBA further developed and im-
proved a series of internal measures to en-
sure that its activities are subject to control
and in line with the Authority’s objectives. The
internal control measures helped ensure that
the EBA’s operational activities were effective
and efficient, while also certifying that all legal
and regulatory requirements were met, that
financial and management reporting were
reliable and that assets and information were
safeguarded. In order to formalise the ICS,
the EBA implemented a set of ICS which were
adopted by the MB. These ICS are based on,
and fully in line with, equivalent standards es-
tablished by the Commission.