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2 0 1 4 a n n u a l r e p o r t
Implementation of Genius, a project
management portfolio tool
The EBA successfully implemented a Project
Portfolio Management Tool (PPM) providing an
organisation-wide centralised database, cou-
pled with a homogenised process, to assist the
EBA’s senior management and the EBA’s Gov-
erning Bodies, with the planning, monitoring,
management and prioritisation of the EBA’s
Work Programme.
The PPM tool allows for provision of statisti-
cal data, establishment of the performance of
various mandates and prioritisation of man-
dates according to defined criteria. It also
assists the EBA to match resource demand
against resource capacity helping with effi-
cient and effective planning and delivery of its
regulatory mandates.
Data protection
The EBA dealt with data protection in light
of Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 and liaised
with the office of the European Data Protec-
tion Supervisor (EDPS) and submitted to the
EDPS numerous notifications on processed
operations. The designated officers promoted
the importance of data protection issues with
the EBA staff, especially by raising the impor-
tance of data protection during induction ses-
sions organised for new staff members. The
designated officers actively participated in the
meetings of the EU data protection network.
Budgetary and financial management
Continuing improvement in the management
and control of financial resources resulted in
maximal budget execution for the current year
budget and a significant reduction in normal
carry-forward to next year.
The budget execution (total funds committed/
total budget) in 2014 was 99.8 % for commit-
ments (2013: 90 %) and 84 % for payments
(2013: 75 %), which represents an important
improvement compared to the previous year.
The carry-forward at the end of 2014 repre-
sented 16 % of the funds committed, compared
to 17 % at the end of 2013, however fully half of
the 2014 carry-forward is related to the office
move that took place in mid-December. (
The quality of the work in the financial man-
agement area was also confirmed by audits
performed in 2014. No major findings were
identified, which may be attributed to the
diligent follow-up of previously raised recom-
mendations and the ongoing improvement of
existing processes in the EBA.
The EBA took a number of steps to improve
efficiency including in-house development of
auto-updating budget reports, implementation
of the Commission’s e-prior electronic invoic-
ing platform for DIGIT framework contracts and
of mass payments for staff missions.
Human resources management
Following the publication of 69 selection pro-
cedures, the EBA received 1,850 applications
and interviewed 173 candidates and recruited
41 temporary agents, 9 contract agents and 19
seconded national experts.
The total number of staff went up to 146 com-
prising 26 EU nationalities (compared to 24
in 2013) and the gender breakdown was 45 %
female and 55 % male. The total staff turno-
ver due to resignation, non-renewal, contract
expiry or termination was 12.9 %. This was
4.03 % higher than 2013 when the total staff
turnover was 8.87 %.
The EBA adopted a number of general imple-
menting provisions to the new Staff Regula-
tions and introduced a new policy on paid
traineeship for young university graduates
in October 2014. In December 2014, the EBA
conducted a job screening exercise within the
overall benchmarking exercise for EU agen-
cies under the Framework Financial Regula-
tion (FFR) with the aim to justify the adminis-
trative expenditure.
Following the common methodology all EBA
establishment posts and all other types of
statutory links or contracts linked to a job-
holder at the EBA premises were screened.
Overall, the results confirm the EBA’s focus on
) See the annex for more information on the 2014
budget execution and out-turn.